STM32F3 Discovery interface with LCD JHD162A

LCD is another most important debugging tool and proper interfacing of this module is much important for any beginner or expert. I have chosen JHD162A LCD, because it is the cheapest and widely available in the market. For a detailed overview of LCD and technological aspect behind it, please follow this link
Sequencing of events for initialization of LCD is very important to keep in mind while working with LCD. I am using minimum hardware for realizing the interface. The component required are-
1. STM32F3 Discovery
2. JHD162A LCD (Soldered header pins)
3. Jumper wires (16 pieces)
Please follow the steps for interface:



LCD PIN1 -> GND      LCD PIN2 -> 5V

LCD PIN3 is contrast of LCD which is adjusted using potentiometer. But I am using full contrast of LCD by directly connecting it to GND.IMG_20150226_141441

LCD PIN4(RS) -> STM (PC13)

LCD PIN4(R/W) -> STM (PC14)

LCD PIN4(EN) -> STM (PC15)


LCD data pins are connected to port A of STM32F3 board (PA0-PA7).


LCD Pin15 is backlight power pin which is connected to 3V for low light. It can be connected to 5V for increased brightness. LCD pin16 is backlight ground pin.

The source code is available at my github link. Code has been changed according to STM32F3 Systick and other functions.


Common LCD is now ready for display and debugging purpose.

Please participate my github link for code and functionality enhancement.


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