Arduino Offset printer page counter

My brother’s Offset printing machine was giving him trouble counting pages. There is voltage stabilizer connected to protect the machine from voltage beyond 110V. Whenever printer shut-off due to voltage fluctuation the counter of machine goes to zero again. This situation irritates him, as remembering pages is not easy while printing 1000-2000 pages at a time.

This picture shows four 7-segment displays connected that can show maximum number of 99999 pages.


There is manual option for counting up or down.


These are set-up for page thickness.


All buttons shows old model manual buttons for different power options.


Have a full view of Offest printing machine.


Promptly we came up with an idea of using the sensor which is counting the pages. It was connected just above the entry point of pages. First I thought why don’t measure the voltage of sensor, may be it’ll be compatible with Arduino Analog input. I can easily interface the sensor to Arduino and manipulate the incoming data to do whichever way.

I got standard 5V measuring the voltage at sensor. This is quite amazing moment for me and I was clearly able to make flowchart of the working and program of the hacking the hardware.


Taking the sensor out of system, I started experimenting with it. With the help of voltage divider circuit I was easily able to access the data from the sensor.


So it was time for testing the prototype. First it seems easy but delay of counting pages was really important. After one hour of experimentation I came with a value that was compatible with different printing speed of the machine.


So don’t wait………. check the video of working prototype.


Check this video of working prototype.

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