Arduino bootloader programming

Arduino bootloader programming

Only require one extra wire to connect rst of slave board. That’s all for hardware connection. Only the ISP parent board should be Atmega328 or UNO.
Choose parent board in ISP mode & target as slave board.


USB to RS232 using high speed SN65 line driver IC

SN65 (High Speed replacement for MAX232) soldered on LPC pad – So far I have got samples of SN65 from TI. I need them for my high speed application with serial ports. So here I made prototype of the this simple but useful experimentation. Since SN65 is SMD it can’t be handles on perfoboard or breadboard I soldered it on my custom made pad for ARM LPC ic.

1.SN64(High Speed replacement for MAX232) soldered on LPC pad

Connected with DB9(rx & tx) in loop test mode- In loop test, RX & TX  of DB9 port are connected with one wire(shorted). It simply means whatever comes on rx pin will return back from tx pin & thus the name loop test. In this way I can check if prototype is working.

2.Connected with DB9(rx & tx) in loop test mode

CP2102 usb controller to PC usb port- CP2102 is most widely used USB to serial converter IC. I used its breakout board for this prototype.

3.CP2102 usb controller to PC usb port

Loop Test working with Access Port- Initially tested with Access Port software in which maximum baud rate can be given 256000. I need to test it with even more baud rate.

4.Loop Test working with Access Port

Maximum baud check on hyperterminal- Finally I used Hyperterminal which comes with Windows XP but need to be downloaded for Win7. The maximum baud rate in this case is 921600. Thus it shows high speed loop test. In Hyperterminal each key press result in double char display which shows char echoed back.

5.Maximum baud check on hyperterminal