Getting started with Xilinx spartan3e board

I got Xilinx ISE some 4 years back but used only upto the test bench simulation. Since Spartan boards are costly I managed anyhow to get one 3-4 months back. But you need all of the stuff genuine in order to get things working. As I discussed in last post “Windows Ubuntu ambiguity” this work is followed by that work. You are not allowed to install your USB programming cable until windows is genuine.

One old saying probveb is “you can’t get an idea of pond’s depth until you go inside it

“. Same situation applies here. Working yourself with EDK tools will give  you real insight of the physical things happening inside. Previously I’ve seen floor planing  during training program but

now when I’m doing some work as floor planner I got the real situation.

  I started with a simple full adder circuit where there are 3 inputs and 2 outputs. On the board there are 4 switch given for manual input named SW0-SW4 along with pin assigned to that. I assigned 3 of them as input during Impact floor planning and some LEDs LD0-LD1 as output. That’s all for floor planning because it is combinational circuit so no timing constrain under ucf was required. One other possible reason is that there is no any clock input. So now comes the programming part.

Click on implement design & it will generate all relevant files required further. Now go to implementation part & you will see more devices than your original package, just bypass them as they are not required for this simple combination circuit. Now program the original xilinx package with bit file & programming success. Your board now function as your requirement. Now take long yawn.!!!!!

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