Windows Ubuntu ambiguity

This blog is an inspiration from a series of activities done from windows to Ubuntu to windows again. Then finally better to keep both.
When at first I had decided to switch to windows ultimate (unregistered version) from professional due to virus & network problems, I was both right and wrong. This ultimate version has solved my network & Wi-Fi related problems but due to unregistered it was a real pain. It was not allowing any windows update as well as many times driver installation problem resulted in my paralyzed work. At that time I realised the value of genuine version of windows. However it was not easy to get the genuine version of windows as it is not free. Then I decided to switch to Ubuntu. Interesting things start from here.
First of all I started to take back up of my system. It took 2 full day-night to take only half of the system backup as data transfer rate doesn’t exceed 1 Mbps. So obviously it was transfer of 3600Mb(3.5Gb) in an hour only. So it took one full day for transfer
of ( 3.5X24= ) 42Gb data only, thus in 2 days 84gb & my content was 300gb.Then I became panicked & decided to take risk. I thought of installing Ubuntu without affecting some drives in which there was important data. Well this decision had given me a great lesson. As we know from childhood that without falling from bicycle you can’t learn how to ride or without getting a feel of drowning you can’t learn the swimming basics. Same situation created with me. While working with partition as an amature  I choose some option and it resulted in something which I can’t expect in my dream too. It formatted my whole system. What the hell I was doing I suddenly realised I lost my 4 years of work in a second.!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow I consoled myself that all the data was internet content and can find again so no need to worry. Then I started my work on Ubuntu as stand alone OS on my laptop PC.
Ubuntu was a great experiance for we technology loving persons. There was a lot of stuff to learn in Ubuntu. I started downloading my softwares but every time I had to take some reference of related commands. My work again paralyzed as I give more time on learning commands rather than working on my projects and software. After harrssed by the situation I stated feeling a requirement of windows again. And this time I took the final decision to keep both OS.
After using my subconscious mind antenna I found a genuine windows 7 profession. I devided the hard disk space in two equal parts- one dedicated for windows  while other dedicated for Ubuntu. And now I am very happy with the platforms as it give me flexibility of work & experiment. Hope as it is in future too.

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