Getting started with Xilinx spartan3e board

I got Xilinx ISE some 4 years back but used only upto the test bench simulation. Since Spartan boards are costly I managed anyhow to get one 3-4 months back. But you need all of the stuff genuine in order to get things working. As I discussed in last post “Windows Ubuntu ambiguity” this work is followed by that work. You are not allowed to install your USB programming cable until windows is genuine.

One old saying probveb is “you can’t get an idea of pond’s depth until you go inside it

“. Same situation applies here. Working yourself with EDK tools will give  you real insight of the physical things happening inside. Previously I’ve seen floor planing  during training program but

now when I’m doing some work as floor planner I got the real situation.

  I started with a simple full adder circuit where there are 3 inputs and 2 outputs. On the board there are 4 switch given for manual input named SW0-SW4 along with pin assigned to that. I assigned 3 of them as input during Impact floor planning and some LEDs LD0-LD1 as output. That’s all for floor planning because it is combinational circuit so no timing constrain under ucf was required. One other possible reason is that there is no any clock input. So now comes the programming part.

Click on implement design & it will generate all relevant files required further. Now go to implementation part & you will see more devices than your original package, just bypass them as they are not required for this simple combination circuit. Now program the original xilinx package with bit file & programming success. Your board now function as your requirement. Now take long yawn.!!!!!


Windows Ubuntu ambiguity

This blog is an inspiration from a series of activities done from windows to Ubuntu to windows again. Then finally better to keep both.
When at first I had decided to switch to windows ultimate (unregistered version) from professional due to virus & network problems, I was both right and wrong. This ultimate version has solved my network & Wi-Fi related problems but due to unregistered it was a real pain. It was not allowing any windows update as well as many times driver installation problem resulted in my paralyzed work. At that time I realised the value of genuine version of windows. However it was not easy to get the genuine version of windows as it is not free. Then I decided to switch to Ubuntu. Interesting things start from here.
First of all I started to take back up of my system. It took 2 full day-night to take only half of the system backup as data transfer rate doesn’t exceed 1 Mbps. So obviously it was transfer of 3600Mb(3.5Gb) in an hour only. So it took one full day for transfer
of ( 3.5X24= ) 42Gb data only, thus in 2 days 84gb & my content was 300gb.Then I became panicked & decided to take risk. I thought of installing Ubuntu without affecting some drives in which there was important data. Well this decision had given me a great lesson. As we know from childhood that without falling from bicycle you can’t learn how to ride or without getting a feel of drowning you can’t learn the swimming basics. Same situation created with me. While working with partition as an amature  I choose some option and it resulted in something which I can’t expect in my dream too. It formatted my whole system. What the hell I was doing I suddenly realised I lost my 4 years of work in a second.!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow I consoled myself that all the data was internet content and can find again so no need to worry. Then I started my work on Ubuntu as stand alone OS on my laptop PC.
Ubuntu was a great experiance for we technology loving persons. There was a lot of stuff to learn in Ubuntu. I started downloading my softwares but every time I had to take some reference of related commands. My work again paralyzed as I give more time on learning commands rather than working on my projects and software. After harrssed by the situation I stated feeling a requirement of windows again. And this time I took the final decision to keep both OS.
After using my subconscious mind antenna I found a genuine windows 7 profession. I devided the hard disk space in two equal parts- one dedicated for windows  while other dedicated for Ubuntu. And now I am very happy with the platforms as it give me flexibility of work & experiment. Hope as it is in future too.