STM32F3 Discovery interface with LCD JHD162A

LCD is another most important debugging tool and proper interfacing of this module is much important for any beginner or expert. I have chosen JHD162A LCD, because it is the cheapest and widely available in the market. For a detailed overview of LCD and technological aspect behind it, please follow this link
Sequencing of events for initialization of LCD is very important to keep in mind while working with LCD. I am using minimum hardware for realizing the interface. The component required are-
1. STM32F3 Discovery
2. JHD162A LCD (Soldered header pins)
3. Jumper wires (16 pieces)
Please follow the steps for interface: Continue reading


Arduino sensor data to MySQL

Saving sensor data directly to database is very important learning for any project dealing with IoT. Python is very powerful scripting language to automate the process. Getting data from Arduino as usual using Serial.

First run analog_read program on Arduino then run a python script to automate the SQL data insertion process. The major part is creating database in MySQL after installation. Get all the codes from my Continue reading

Arduino LED brightness control over Processing slider

After watching Ardunino documentary, one project really stuck into my mind. Rockwellgroup is a company expertise in  interactive installation having 40+ years of experience. They used Arduino in very unique way to interface over ethernet shield with projection arrangement. I started working on the same for upcoming August Fest and TEDx Hyderabad.

While exploring SpaceBrew, which is an open source initiative of Rockwellgroup, I thought to tweak with some example codes. I made this beginner level testing which controls the brightness of LED with processing slider movement. Source code is available at the end of this post. Continue reading

Wiring.h to Arduino.h

This is very common problem to Arduino users. As the new versions of IDE has been released, many libraries has been updated. All of these previous Wprogram.h, Wiring.h, String.h has been included under single header file named Arduino.h

I came across this error/warning several times. Just needed to rename the header file to <Arduino.h> and problem get solved.

STM32F3 programming and debug using SWO

This post will guide you through steps to print values from any part of the program. This functionality will allow the user to debug the code easily and doesn’t need to add any extra hardware like LCD. Working with serial monitor eases the process of development and quite helpful in experimentation.

I am working on STM32F3 Cortex M-4 board in IAR workbench environment. I hope the user has prior knowledge of how to configure the workspace and write the basic program. This link is helpful in understanding the basic things to get start with basic steps and run your first blink program. Only needed some library name modification which is not difficult for a logical person. 🙂 Continue reading